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The winery’s founder and owner, Chronis Ieropoulos, was born and raised in the vineyards of a region far away from Nemea, long before he became a winemaker himself. From a very young age, he used to help his grandfather take care of his vineyards in Koromilia, Kastoria, in Northern Greece.

Decades later, in 2008, it was time for him to make his dream come true. Putting his grandfather's principles in practice, and combining them with the most advanced technology and know-how in vine growing and winemaking, he founded his winery, with the aim of producing top quality wine. His wife and daughters embraced his dream from the start, making the whole effort a family affair.

Today, Chronis Ieropoulos and his team have made their vineyards the absolute epicenter of their endeavours, in order to ensure that all wines bearing the label of the winery of the Ieropoulos Family perfectly express the important history and tradition of Nemea, but also the dynamics of the land and the general ecosystem that surrounds it.

Ιερόπουλος Οινοποιείο

Chronis Ieropoulos

I learned the secrets of wine-making from my grandfather, in the mountains of Kastoria. Years later, I apply these traditional techniques to my winery in Nemea.


Protected Designation of Origin

The wine producing zone of Nemea is located on the north-eastern side of the Peloponnese and is comprised of the communities: Aidonia, Ancient Kleones, Ancient Nemea, Asprokampos, Galatas, Dafni, Kastraki, Kefalari, Koutsi, Leontio, Leo, Bozika, Nemea, Petri Titani and Psari, which belong to the Prefecture of Corinth and the communities of Gymno and Malandreni that belong to the Prefecture of Argolida.

Nemea is the largest Protected Designation of Origin zone for red wines in Greece and the historical origin of the Agiorgitiko grape variety. The zone includes vineyards situated at altitudes ranging from 200 to 800+ meters.

The region’s climate is the typically Mediterranean, with an average annual temperature of 17 ° C, and average annual rainfall ranging from 550-750mm, mainly within the period October-April. Winters are cold and humid while summers are relatively dry, usually with no extreme temperatures.

During the month of September until the beginning of October, which is the harvest season, ideal conditions of grape ripening prevail as the days are warm, the nights are cool and rainfalls are rare.


Our vineyards are located in two separate areas within the zone. The first one belongs to the Koutsi sub zone, in the location of Dourmiza. It is situated at an altitude of 490 meters and it has a north-eastern exposure, facing the Corinthian Gulf. This results in very mild daily temperatures during the hot summer months of July and August, followed by cool evenings, facilitating the synchronization of the phenolic and the sugar ripening of the grapes.

The clay loam soil is of excellent structure due to its high calcium carbonate content, and acts as an ideal regulator of moisture, supplying the vines with water and nutrients and preventing extreme water stress, especially in the last phase of ripening post veraison.

Our second vineyard belongs to the mountainous sub-zone of Asprokampos. It is perched on a slope at an altitude of 760 meters above sea level with a southeast exposure. The high and thin vegetative wall of the crown of the plants makes excellent use of sunlight and exposes the grapes to its beneficial rays. In this way, as well as thanks to the high altitude, the course of the grapes’ sugar ripening is accelerated. Here too the soil is mainly composed of clay with a high content of calcium carbonate. This, in combination with the positive effects of the high altitude, ensures balanced growth conditions for the vines and an environment that favours the development of high aromatic intensity and phenolic potential for the grapes.

Οι αμπελώνες μας
Οι αμπελώνες μας


Στο αμπέλι μαςWe aspire to care for our land and to grow our vines in the most "natural" possible way. Our aim is to implement the minimum necessary interventions to meet the nutritional needs of the plants and to protect them from pathogens and diseases. This is achieved with the help of continuous soil and tissue analyses but also with the collection and processing of data by tasting and testing the wine produced from each vineyard each year. With regard to fertilization, we use a mix of organic substances that enhance soil health, which in turn enhances plant health.

For plant protection, organic preparations are usually effective in ensuring plant health. We aim to protect the soil from erosion by preserving the natural flora. Depending on the stage of development of the crop each year, weeds are simply mowed without being destroyed. The water potential, ie the normal state of the plants in terms of the water available to them, is monitored constantly, from growth to foliage each year. We make the most of the beneficial effects of controlled water stress between flowering and ripening on the quantity and quality of phenolic and aromatic substances in our grapes. At the same time, we have the ability to intervene through drip irrigation, when the water stress exceeds the desired limits and thus avoid any damage to the plants and degradation of grape quality.


We built our winery with the aim to ensure that its architecture would enable it to “blend” into the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area. This integration into the natural environment is achieved with the dark stones that have been used in its construction, excavated from the neighbouring mountains that surround the valley of Nemea.

The winery employs the latest technology, in order to ensure minimum intervention in the winemaking process. For this reason we only vinify the free-run juice of our Agiorgitiko grapes, leaving the natural flow to effortlessly give us the best must. Our open vats are designed to give the winemaking team the best control of the fermentation process.

Our ageing cellar is cooled throughout and the temperature is maintained at constant level throughout the year, whereas our storage cellar is situated in a separate area, to make sure that, while its room temperature is low, humidity is at a higher level.

For the maturation of our wines we only use French oak barrels, which are selected and imported from the most renowned cooperages in France.

The winery has installed and implements a Quality Management System according to the ISO 22000: 2005 standard of SWISS CERT. In addition, in the context of the continuous improvement of the production processes and the sustainability of the winery, we carried out a Life Cycle Analysis (LCAA) study to measure the carbon footprint of the wine production process, according to the specifications of the International EPD System.

Among other things, an initial picture was created about the environmental impact of the winery's activities, the specific phases and processes with the greatest contribution to our carbon footprint (hot-spots) were identified and the roadmap of the processes that will lead to its reduction was formed.

Our Wines

Τα κρασιά μας


Agiorgitiko is the “flagship” grape variety of Nemea. It’s an extremely versatile grape, capble of producing the full range of wine styles: from white (blanc de noir) and rosé, to everyday, as well as full-bodied reds.

Agiorgitiko wines are food-friendly, can be perfectly paired with most Greek cuisine dishes, and are enjoyed all year round. Due to its friendly character, Agiorgitiko is the most popular red variety in Greece, while it has significant export success.

It is vinified mainly in single-varietal wines (by law within the Nemea zone), however it is often blended with other grapes, usually international, like Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah, in order to produce wines with aromatic intensity and round structure.

Agiorgitiko benefits considerably from its interaction with the oak barrel, which is why the vast majority of quality Agiorgitiko wines age in oak for varying periods of time.


The "crown jewel" of our wines range. It is made from Agiorgitiko grapes from the most privileged parcel of our vineyard in Koutsi, which is care for strictly by hand all year round. It is only produced in exquisite years and quantity does not exceed 700 bottles. Exuberant and majestic on the nose and the palate, it accompanies red meat or game in rich, complex recipes.


Nemea meets Burgundy in this premium red wine from 100% Agiorgitiko. On the nose it offers generously all the typical aromas of fruits and spices of the variety, while on the palate it has intensity and exuberance, but at the same time it displays balance and elegance. Perfect as a companion of fine meats, grilled or cooked.


A pleasant red wine from 100% Agiorgitiko, which is dominated by the rich fruity character of the variety. It is soft and friendly on the palate and made to be enjoyed either on its own by the glass, or accompanying a variety of cheeses and cold cuts, as well "comfort food" red meat dishes.


The elegant rosé of the winery, made from 100% Agiorgitiko. Aromatic and gentle, with refreshing acidity, it perfectly embodies the versatility of Agiorgitiko. Stylish both outside and inside the bottle, it is enjoyed on its own, as an aperitif, but it will also pair perfectly with light dishes prepared with meat and/or fresh tomato sauce.


A fresh, floral, light white wine from the gentle native variety of the Peloponnese. It is made from grapes grown in our vineyards in Nemea, as well as in privately owned vineyards in Skotini, Argolida, at an altitude of 700 meters. It can be enjoyed on its own, as an aperitif, but will also accompany traditional cooked dishes or casseroles that are rich in fresh herbs.


Σταθόπουλος Σταθόπουλος Σταθόπουλος

Perhaps the most ardent friend of our winery is none other than the renowned Greek painter Georgios Stathopoulos, who has honored us by creating the labels of our wines, as well as the visual identity of the winery.

A student of the great Giannis Moralis, Georgios Stathopoulos is one of the leading contemporary masters. His work moves in the area of “Greekness” and combines surreal and expressionist elements in a simplistic “language”. Familiar faces, everyday images and lots of color are constantly featured on his canvas.

Georgios Stathopoulos was born in 1944 in Kallithea (Prostova) Trichonidos. He studied painting and sculpture in Athens at the School of Fine Arts (1966-1971), taught by some of the most important creators of the 20th century. 1970 was the year of his first personal exhibition in Athens. He has participated in personal solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, while he has also been involved in major scenography and illustration works.

We thank him for his support and gratefully return his affection!


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